Where can I buy ACO?▼

You can buy ACO at HitBTC and Decentralized Exchange dealing with ERC20 token. *However, people living in Japan can NOT use HitBTC now. https://hitbtc.com/exchange/ACO-to-ETH

How much does 1 ACO?▼

Please check the Exchanges dealing with ACO. https://hitbtc.com/exchange/ACO-to-ETH

Do I have to pay some handling charges, when I tip?▼

You don't need to pay any handling charges then.

How can I use ACO?▼

By using ACO, you can buy cosplay costumes, rental studios, cameras, and so on.

Does my username display to the other party?▼

Your username of A! Tip display to the other party.

Does A! Tip have formal hash tag?▼

Please use #ATip or $ACO.