Privacy Policy

AMPLE Corpolation ('this Co.', or 'we' below) believes that it is social accountability to adequately protect customer information. Therefore, this Co. carefully use the information of customers using 'https://a-tip.me/' we provide and manage('this service' below)with complying the law, other relevant law, and guide line about protection of personal data and with the privacy policy we set. To use this service, the costomers need to agree after reading carefully this policy. If customers don't agree, we can't accept the customers to use and access this service.

Article 1 Definition of customers information

On this policy, 'user information' means the private information (This is the information about surviving individual, and the thing we can recognize the identified individual by the information including name, birthday, ID, and other description etc. This format is same below.), the information registered, created, and accumulated on communication service, and the information that this Co. collects with this policy.

Article 2 customers information collected at this service

1 On this service, this Co. make costomers purvey the following information.

(1) Name or Nickname

(2) Mail address

(3)The other this Co. deciding information that customers input at registration form

2 On this servise, this Co. collects information about costomers' access situation and way to use this survice. This information includes the following information.

(1) Information terminal device

(2) Access log information

(3) Cookie or anonymous ID

(4) Positional information

Article 3 Purpose of using

1 This Co. do NOT use customer's user information that we get through this service beyond purpose of using without customers' agreement. We adequately use the user information we get with the following purpose.

(1) To apply the neccessary system on carrying out this service (customer registration, identity verification etc)

(2) To customize the information and advertisement distribution on this serivice with customers' needs

(3) To notify of prohibition, calling off, and annulment of a contract of this service.

(4) To correspond with the violating act against the agreement of this service

(5) To notify of changing the agreement and this policy of this Co. about this service

(6) To correspond to trouble and lawsuit etc

(7) To correspond to guidance or asking etc about this service etc

(8) To request investigation or questionnaire etc and report the result etc

(9) To reward etc about investigation or questionnaire etc that customers have participated

(10) To send gift etc that customers have applied for

(11) To make the statistical formed data that cannot ditinguish an individual

(12) To provide, maintain, and improve this service committed with the items above

2 In the case that we establish at this policy or can get customers' agreement, this Co. sometimes provide mutually user information including private information for partners or other third person in the neccesary range to achieve the aim of preceding items.

Article 4 Acquisition of user information

1 This Co. adequately acquire user information by not telling a lie or other unfair way.

2 This Co. notifies or publicizes the use purpose in advance, if we acquire user information by other ways except the case that customers use this service.

Article 5 Module to collect information

The following module to collect information is included in this service in order to analize user information. Following this, this Co. provides user information for the doner below of module to collect inoformation. These modules collect user information without information specifying individual by using Cookie etc, and the collected information are managed based on privacy policy of the doner to collect information published at 2 items and other agreement (About the details, please check the plivacy policy etc by each doners of module to collect information).

(1) Name of module to collect information

① Google Analytics

(2) Doner of module to collect information

① Google, Inc.

Article 6 Sharing and disclosing user information

This Co. don't disclose and share privacy information in user information to third person without customers' agreement (we can do it in the case that it's recognized to disclose based on Personal Information Protection Law or other laws). However, the following case is exception.

(1) Case that this Co. consigns dealing with all or part of privacy information to third person in the nessecary range to acheive using purpose

(2) Case that this Co. escrows privacy information of customers using this service to bank, settlement system company, or credit card company in order to claim utilization charge to customers

(3) Case that this Co. provides privacy information to the doner of module to collect information or the doner supplying external service, following this decided policy

(4) Case that, when customers damage other people or act against public policy in this service, this Co. takes a necessary line on these actions

(5) Case that precious lives and property run a risk and needed to be urgent

(6) Case that privacy information are provided with succession of buisiness by combination or other reason

(7) Case that this Co. is asked to disclose privacy information by courthouse, police, or other public institution based on law

Article 7 Disclosing or revising information, etc

1 f this Co. want customers to disclose, revise, add, or delete the privacy information that customers have provided in writting, please ask it with the written application for designation and the documents to confirm identity verification (to confirm a proper deputy, in the case that a proper requests). In the case of disclosing request and notifying clame of use purpose by letter, we ask users to pay 2000 yen (tax included) as a charge by one request.

2 In the case to accept request based on the items above, when we confirm identity verification, this Co. discloses etc the privacy information in the rational range. However, the rule doesn't apply, when this Co. doesn't owe a duty to disclose etc it by Personal Information Protection Law or other laws.

3 If municipalty or other name, postal code, name of financial institution, or the perod of validity of credit card in the user information are revised, in some case, this Co. fixes contents of the registered user information to the revised information that is neccessary for demand of utilization charge and obviously revised.

Article 8 Revising and Deleating privacy information

1 This Co., from users,

(1) in the case that the contents are needed to change based on based on Personal Information Protection Law due to the reason why users information is not true, and

(2) In the case that this Co. is asked to suspend to use based on Personal Information Protection Law by the reason why we deal with information the previously disclosed purpose of using or collect by deception or other wrongful way, this Co. promptly conduct a meaningful survey with confirming the user him/herself request, and based on the result, revise or suspend the content of privacy information, then notify to the user. Moreover, when we decide not to revise or suspend based on the rational reason, we also notify to the user.

2 In the case that this Co. is asked to delete user privacy information by users and decides to accept the request, we delete the privacy information with confirming the user him/herself request, then notify the user.

3 If this Co. does NOT bear any responsibility for revising etc or suspension of use by Personal Information Pritection Law and other laws, 2 regulations above are applied.

Article 9 Disclaimer

1 This Co. strives to be able to secure accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information published on this service, but does NOT guarantee.

2 The information of this service and accessible through this service do NOT guarantee not to be infected with a computer virus or spyware.

3 This Co. will not bear any responsibility for damage caused to using this service. Please use the information of this service at customer's own risk.

Artcle 10 Contact us

Please contact us below, if there are opinions, questions, complaints, or other matters about dealing with user information of this Co.

E-mail :a-tip-contact@ample-cosplay.com

Article 11 Changing this policy

This Co. appropriately reexamines operational status about dealing with user information, strives to continuously improve it, and sometimes revise this policy without customers advance agreement as necessary. The revised policy instantly have the force, after disclosed on this Co. website, without the case this Co. decided.If customers use this service then, we regard them to agree the latest policy, therefore please check the latest policy before using this service. However, when we revise the contents that customers agreement is legaly needed, this Co. get the customers agreement by the means we decided.