Terms of Service

This agreement sets term about the use of a service, A! Tip (‘’this service‘’ below), provided by AMPLE Corpolation (‘’this Co.‘’, or ‘’we‘’ below), and applies for all users who have completed to sign up by following this agreement.

Consent to this agreement

All users can use this service by following this agreement, and all users can not do it without consent to this agreement. The contents regulated by documents etc that this Co. distributes or delivers about this service construct a part of this agreement between users.

Revision or alteration of this agreement

1 This Co. can anytime revise or add the contents of this agreement by decision of this Co. The agreement after revision have force from the time it's diplayed on the website managed by this Co. ( https://a-tip.me/ (For any reasons, if the domain or contents of this Co. website have been revised, it includes the domains etc after the revison), 'this Co. website' below ).

2 On this service, this Co. gathers information about customers' access situation and the way to use of this service. This information includes the information below. If a user keeps using this service after revision of this agreement, the user is regarded as being consent to this agreement. Please use this service while always confirming the latest contents of this agreement.


On this agreement, the word signifcance following respective items defines by resulting from the respective items.

(1) 'User' : It means those who use this servise with consent to this agreement.

(2) 'This Co.' and 'This service' : It means the service and related sites plovided by this Co., and the company or group managed them.

(3) 'ACO' : It means A! Coin, the token uniquely provided by this Co..

(4) 'Send-coins' : It means the activity to send ACO from user to user through this service.

Registration Procedures

2 The users who hope to use this service consents to complying this agreement, and can apply the registration of this service by providing information for this Co. with following the way we decide. If this Co. receive the application like this, we judge it with the separately decided screening criteria. Then, when this Co. accept the application, we give the users notice, and conduct the registration procedures and vest an account of using this service for them.

3 In the case minors sign up this service, it needs the consent of his/her statutory agent. At the time minors complete to sign up this service, we regard it as being consent to the content of this agreement and use of this service by his/her statutory agent..

4 If minors pretend to be consent of his/her statutory agent despite the fact, use this service by lying to be adult, or use fraudulent means in order to make us believe to be sui juris, the minors can NOT cancel any legal acts about this service.

5 If the users who consented to this agreement at the time they were minors have used this service after being adult, we regard the users as ratification of any legal acts about this service.

6 When this Co. demands to make users provide some necessary information for examination, the users must smoothly submit the information. If the users don't submit the information voluntarily, this Co. can refuse the registration of this service by the users.

Deal with user information

2 This Co. adequately deals with the information about use of this service gathering from user ('registration information etc' below) by following the separately decided privacy policy.

3 In the case that we find the mistake or change about user-self information, users must smoothly contact to revise or change the information toward this Co.. We will not take any responsibility for any damege caused by the lying, mistake, or omission about the content of information.

Account etc manegement

2 Users manage or keep the account on users' own responsibility, and must NOT make third person use, NOT lend, NOT give, NOT change the neme, and NOT buy or sell etc this. If this Co. confirms a concurrence of the account, we regard it as being used this survice by the registered user as having the account.

3 Users must take any responsibility for any damege of the account insufficient management or used by third person, so this Co. will NOT do it.

4 If it is found that the account is stolen or used by third person, users must smoothly notify the fact to this CO. and follow our instruction.

Prohibited matter

2 Users must NOT do the following respective items by user-self or through third upon using this service, directly or indirectly give rise to them or easily do them.

(1) the act of threatening and fraudulence toward this Co., other users or other third person

(2) the act of slander toward this Co., other users or other third person

(3) the act of intrenching or being in danger of intrenching intellectual property right, portrait right, privacy, other rights or profit of toward this Co., other users or other third person

(4)in addition to (3), the possible act of damaging psycologically / echonomically, trouble or harassment etc toward this Co., other users or other third person

(5)the act of violating, encouraging, or threatening laws, judicial judgement/decision/order, or the legally binding administrative measure

(6)the act against public policy, or the act connected with death threat, instruction of crime, or other crimes.

(7)the act to contribute or send the information corresponding to the following items or this Co. decides to correspond to them through this service.

-the obscene expression, and the expression inducing, inviting or encouraging to commit suicide or injure oneself

-the information about purchasing and saling drug / law-evading drug or encouraging to inadequately use these things

-chain mail, pyramid scheme, pay to surf, and other illegal invitation or advertisement etc

-cruel expression, sexual expression, and information capable of reducing possibility of bringing discomfort to other person

-the similar information above, and other inadequate information this Co. decides

(8)the disassemble, decompilation, and reverse engineering act

(9)the act of illegally accessing the system of this servise without authority or illegaly revising or deleting the information on the system

(10)the act to intentionally diclose or contribute false data etc

(11)the act to aim at collecting other user information

(12)the act to pretend to be this Co., other user, and other third person

(13the act to use this service by using other user account

(14)the act to advance and unallowable and advertise, merchandise, solicit, and do business on this service

(15)the act to supply profits for anti-social force etc and to connect this

(16)the act to aim at meeting the opposite sex without the acquaintance

(17)the any acts to aim at Stealth Marketing

(18)the other inappropriate acts this Co. decides

3 If this Co. decides that users are liable to fall or fall within the items above and recognizes it to be necessary, this Co. ask users to stop violating act and users must accept the request until the term we decide

4 This Co. will NOT be any responsibility for users' damage or disadvantageous that we have done based on this article

Action in violating convention

2 If this Co. decides that users are liable to fall or fall more than one of the items below, we can take to suspend or limit using this service or cancel this usage subscription etc ('Suspension of use' below), without notification, in our discretion.

(1) the case that customers violate any ones of the items in this convention or we are alerted to be violating

(2)the case that all or part of provided information have became clear false facts

(3)the case that we get no response more thatn 30 days toward our inquiry or other contacts to require customers' answer

(4)the case that customers are anti-social forces, or by maintaining them and being involved with its management and administration through providing funds etc, interact and are involved with them

(5)other cases that there are reasons similar to the items above

3 Users can NOT evade obligations and duty toward this Co. and third person on this convention after suspension of use.

4 This Co will NOT be any responsibility for users' damages by our actions based on this article.

Cansel to tip

In any cases, if users tip once, users can NOT ask us to cancel or pay back the tipped token except obligated things by applied laws or rule etc. In the case that we recognize to be necessary, this CO. can anytime cancel dealing contents toward users by our discretion


During using this service, this Co. does NOT guarantee that users expecting parchase schedule is concluded, other adaptability, commodity value, accuracy, usability, completeness, and compliance toward users special purpose, having adaptability toward internal rule of the group which users apply, defects on security, error, bag or no malfunction, and infringing on third person's right. In addition, on the qualitative of this service, because we can NOT guarantee any items below, we regard customers as agreeing at the time customers begin to use this service.

2 No guarantee of income, profit, and damage

There is NO guarantee to increase ACO value. There are NO guarantee that ACO value doesn't decrease for ACO value can NOT be predicted, pass through developer control, and irresistible force. In addition, in spite of whether security system AMPLE! provides has error or not, we will NOT guarantee safety of platform. Although there are some possibility that group or organization aiming to hack etc damage this service by any means to intervene ACO, users agree that this Co. will NOT any responsibility for any damages and injuries happenning there.

3 Uncertainties about regulation

Because the technology of this field can be the object of supervising and control by regulatory body around the world, there is some possibility that this service and ACO is the object of these bodies' request or action. In this case, for the future, there is some possibility that function of and purchasing this service and ACO is getting later or limmited.

4 Risk of Ethereum

The dealed token is conformed to ERC20. Therefore, by Ethererum protocol damage or malfunction, ACO dealing network has some possibility not to be able to function as customers' expecting.

5 Risk about quantum computer

By the inovation of quantum computer etc, cryptocurrency including ACO has possible to be in danger.

6 Risk of using new technology.

Technology of this service or ACO is the technology that does not go on comparatively demonstrating. In addition to the risk on this paper, it is possible to be any other risks that we can't expect.

Ownwrship of rights

2 In this service, intellectual property right about the contenrs we provide belongs to this Co. or the person accepting the licence to thiis Co., and also any using acceptances based on this convention don't mean the using acceptances of intellectual property right of this Co. or the person accepting the licence to this Co..

3 Users can NOT reconstruct, edit and revise etc the information etc we provide, then disclose to third person, and make third person use this without acceptance of this Co.. Moreover, by any reasons, users must NOT do the acts having the risk of the intrusion of intellectual property right of this Co. or the person accepting licence to this Co.(including Disassemble, Decompilation, and Reverse Engineering, the acts are not limited).

4 Although trademark and service mark etc (‘’trademark etc‘’ below) are diplayed on this service, this does NOT mean to transfer any trademarks etc to user and third person or accept to use them.

Excluding anti-social force

2 This Co. and users express and guarantee the following items toward the objects.

(1) For oneself and executive (directer, executive officer, corporate executive officer, auditor, or other equivalent to these things), not to be gang, gang member, gang associate member, gang relational company, racketeer groups, groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducing social campaigns, organized crime syndicates, and other equivalent to these things, and not to have connected the criticized relation with anti-social force.

(2) Not to have relationwith anti-social force as recognized to maintain, operate, or participate in them, by using anti-social force with the purpose of profit for onself or third person or damage for them, providing funds for anti-social force, accomodating them, etc

(3) Not to conclude the contract and individual contract, by making anti-social force use customers-self name

(4) Not to do the act using threatening behavior or violence toward the object by using oneself or third person, the act obstructing business or damaging trust with trick or power by disseminating unfounded rumors, the illegal request beyond legal resposibility, and the other equivalent act

3 This Co. and users, in the case that the object violates the items above, are able to cancel this using contract without any notifications.

4 This Co. and users do NOT need to have any resposibility to compensate the problem in the case that, based on the contract above, the object is damaged by canceling all or part of this using contract . Moreover, the person violating this item must compensate any damages resulting in the violation.

Revising, interrupting, and ending this service

2 This Co. can revise and add all or part of the contents of this service without notification to the user before.

3 This Co. can end this service with notification by expressing on this service or on the website we manage or other appropriate ways we decide. However, in emergency, we sometimes don't notify toward users.

4 This Co. can temporary interrupt all or part of this service without notification before toward users on the case derived from th each items below.

(1) the emergency or regurarly case to perfom maintenance or fix communications equipment facilities etc for this service

(2) the case of over accesing and overconcentration to this system by other unexpected reasons

(3) the case that the necessary have happened to maintain users security

(4) the case that telecommunications corporation don't supply the role

(5) the case that we can't provide this service by the irresistable force of disaster etc

(6) the case that we can't provide this service by burnig, blackout, other accident, war, turbulence, riot, and labor dispute etc

(7) the case being impossible to manage this service by law or the action based on them

(8)the other case that this Co. decide the necessary by following the items above

5 This Co. will NOT have any resposibility for damages by the action we have done based on this item

Dealing with tax

Customers must have responsibility for the tax (consumption tax, sales tax, use tax, value added tax, etc) imposed by using this service. Although we deal with withholding tax and corporation income tax etc, this Co will NOT have any resposibility for these things.


This version is limited the function 'withdrawing ACO'. Please take note that customers can't withdraw ACO until next version if customers deposit it to this service.


In the case that difference or contradiction between English version and Japanese version have happen, this Co. and customers give priority to Japanese version.

Governing law

This agreement conforms to the country law belonging to this Co., and the trouble resulting from or relating this agreement have to be solved in competent court.

Transfering rights and obligation

Users can NOT transfer, inherit, do affection, and do any other disposing the user rights or obligation based on this using contract and the status on this using contract for third person except the case to be the acceptance on the writing of this Co. before.

3 When this Co. transfers the project about this service to third person or includes and inherents the project about this service by the reason why this Co. have become disappearing company, union, or demerged corporation etc, this Co. can transfer the status, rights and obligation on this using contract, registration information, and other user information to the transferee or succession person of the transfer of buisiness and users previously agree with this.